CEO of HANCOM Inc.
    Kim, Sang Chul

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    From automotives to transportation, fashion and energy, across a range of industries and fields, companies that are not equipped with a software base can no longer survive in this day and age. HANCOM Inc. owns and operates a group of businesses that possess competitive software technology, which is the core element of the future ICT industry. We are also expanding into new IT technology fields such as cloud and voice recognition, in addition to office, image edit solutions and corporate social media that forms the base of productivity, as a means to equip ourselves with global competitiveness and achieve significant and measurable results.

    Based on innovative conversion technology that enhances productivity, HANCOM Inc. is continuously exhibiting rapid growth towards the global IT market.
    An unimaginable future through IT, HANCOM Inc. will continue to challenge itself to create a smart solution world that innovates the future.

    HANCOM Inc. hopes evolve into a leading company that contributes to the betterment of humanity.

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    CEO of HANCOM Inc.
    Lee, Won Pil

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    in HANCOM Inc..

    Based on its technological prominence and challenging spirit, HANCOM
    has grown into Korea's leading software company providing optimized
    software solutions boasting ultimate end-user convenience and efficiency
    for a variety of purposes including scenarios for K-dramas at the
    forefront of the Korean Wave (Hallyu), presentations critical for business
    success in a whole host of industries, and smart educational programs
    ensuring dynamic teacher-student interactions.

    HANCOM is now making another leap overseas with the purpose of
    becoming a global leader in the software solutions market.

    With a firm conviction that it is the limitless power of imagination that
    shapes our future, all of us at HANCOM continue to take on challenges
    required for our continued corporate growth through development of
    innovative software programs, further expansion into new overseas
    markets, and advance into a whole new line of business ventures.

    We will always do our very best to ensure that our challenges will bear
    fruit and HANCOM will deliver shared growth to all its stakeholders
    including its customers, shareholders and employees through open
    communication and responsible management.

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