first began as a promising venture company

HANCOM Inc. first began as a promising venture company and is now growing into a global software company with production solutions that are being exported to the global market.

HANCOM Inc. started out by launching Hangeul 1.0 and through accumulated technology in the office software field, has provided office software that can be used in all devices used by customers such as PC, web, mobile and cloud. Our highly compatible office product supports standard format as well as international office formats. In addition to being loved by domestic users, it is being exported to other countries in Asia, Central and South Americas, Europe, and more.

HANCOM Inc. is rapidly growing through aggressive management of new product development, overseas expansion, business diversification and M&A. In 2014, it acquired ‘MDS Technology,’ the top embedded software company, and in 2015, it acquired corporate social media company ‘DBK Networks’ and Europe-based open source PDF solution company ‘ITEXT’ in order to obtain technology and expand upon its global customer base.

Also, to ensure efficient decision-making and promotion of business endeavors, we are gathering speed in the establishment of a subsidiary venture company. Current subsidiaries of HANCOM Inc. include ‘HANCOM COMMUNICATION (CEO Lee Won-pil),’ a cloud office service and new business promotion company, ‘HANCOM INTERFREE (CEO Sin So-wu),’ a voice recognition-based simultaneous interpretation/translation specialist formed in a joint investment with the leading automated interpretation/translation company in the world, SYSTRAN INTERNATIONAL and ‘HANCOM FINTECH,’ a crowdfunding specialist.

HANCOM Inc. is moving forward to a new future. Based on a solid financial structure, we operate a responsible management and have grown into a corporation that satisfies stockholders, customers and employees. We are also accomplishing rapid growth in sales with each passing year. Through active cooperation with affiliated companies, HANCOM Inc. will emerge into a successful global software group that takes on the global market.

  • Name of Company: HANCOM Inc.
  • Date of Establishment: October 9, 1990
  • Capital: 12.2 billion won (As of September 30, 2015)
  • Total no. of issued shares: 23,082,211
chart of company basic info graph

Unit : Hundred Million Won

  • 2004, 325 Hundred Million Won
  • 2005, 360 Hundred Million Won
  • 2006, 433 Hundred Million Won
  • 2007, 478 Hundred Million Won
  • 2008, 471 Hundred Million Won
  • 2009, 487 Hundred Million Won
  • 2010, 473 Hundred Million Won
  • 2011, 573 Hundred Million Won
  • 2012, 659 Hundred Million Won
  • 2013, 688 Hundred Million Won
  • 2014, 762 Hundred Million Won