Highly flexible and productivity mobile application
Hancom Office for Android
한글 한셀 한쇼

You can now download Hancom Office for Android Editor from the Samsung GALAXY Apps for free.

[Supported devices]


* Hancom Office 2014 for Android runs Android KitKat 4.4 or higher
* Please install the Hancom Office for Shared before you run the Hword 2014, Hcell 2014, and Hshow 2014.

product summary

  • PC-like Experience

    A PC-like user interface and usability will provide you with a similar work environment, just like
    your desktop office suite. You can easily create the documents with Hancom Office suite
    for Android, by using keyboard and mouse.
  • PC-like UI

    Hancom Office suite for Android has a simple, PC-like UI and intuitive user interface optimized
    for the Android PC.
    From beginners to professionals can create various types of office documents.
  • "Smart Workplace" Enjoy your smartWork

    With Hancom Office suite for Android, your SmartWork experience will boost the overall
    productivity and saves your valuable time.
    Now enjoy your SmartWork!
  • "The most advanced Office suite for Android PC"

    High compatibility, and advanced editing functions
    Hancom Office suite for Android supports the high compatibility with various types of office file
    formats, and the most powerful editing functions. Hancom Office suite for Android allows you to
    create, view, edit, and share documents on-the-go.

useful function

offered Hotkey

Supports Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, and USB keyboard/mouse through OTG. Also various sets of hotkeys are supported just like a desktop office suite program.

Free Draw & shape detection

This feature allows users to draw shapes freely by using a stylus pen, and fingers, which automatically transfers the drawings into the formal shape.

Fast and efficient work with Task Pane

Supports for repetitive insertion of images and shapes. Repetitive formatting of shapes and object properties are also easily accessible to users on the Task Pane.

Presentation tool

By using the presentation tool you can show professional and dynamic presentations. You can also make ink annotations and tracking a red pointer by using your mouse or stylus pen.

Support a variety of file formats

Users can open, edit, create, and save a variety of file formats.

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