Hancom Office 2010 SE (English Edition)

Hancom Office 2010 SE (English Edition)

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Hancom Office 2010 SE is an innovative product that includes a word processor program (Hanword), a spreadsheet program (Hancell), and a presentation program (Hanshow).
Common Office application usage scenarios were thoroughly analyzed and incorporated into the UX. In addition to opening, editing, and saving MS Office documents, Hancom Office 2010 SE supports standard ODF files and quick and easy conversion to the PDF file format.
At a cost set at only 40% of other office software, Hancom Office 2010 SE is very cost-effective. The Hancom Office 2010 SE Edition further eases the budget for home users, and customers can save even more through the ESD version.

office suite software package that includes the following applications:
  • Hanword - Optimal word processing
  • Hancell - Efficient data processing and analysis
  • Hanshow - Presentation software that anyone can use
  • - Familiar user-interface
  • - Open, edit, create, and save XML form Microsoft Office Documents to easily share your work
  • - Create PDF documents from any application
  • - Upload the documents on SNS or Webhard.
  • - create Spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and finance work
  • - Support approximately 4,000 templates
System Requirements:
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 or higher
Pentium 4 or faster
1GB or more
Hard Drive
1.8GB or more

Key Function@ Hanword, Hancell, Hanshow

01.Ribbon Style & Drop down Menus

Users open, edit, create, and save XML formats from Microsoft Office documents to easily share your work. They can create the documents on Hancom Office & save them as MS Office. It has the strong compatibility compared with other competitors.

MS Office/ Excel
Hancom Office/ Hancell
03.Upload it on Twitter

Users can make their story on Hancom office and upload it directly without saving on their laptop computer.

04.Privacy Protection Feature

It protects users from unintentional mishandling of private information.

05.Art effect

Apply artistic effect to the selected picture. You can apply various artistic effects such as Maker, Paint Brush, Glow Diffused, Blur, and Patchwork.

06.Crop by free form

In the selected picture, draw an outline by using the mouse to leave the inside portion only. The outside portion will be cropped.

07.Document Templates package

You can use diverse templates package which consists of 100 Hancell & 200 Hanword as well.

Template/ Hancell

Template/ Hanword