What is Thinkfree Office??

Thinkfree Office is an office program that enables you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Organized as three programs - Write, Calc, and Show - Thinkfree Office is highly compatible with the office program provided by other competitors.Thinkfree Office also offers a friendly user interface. However, the strength of Thinkfree Office transcends these two points.It is different from ordinary office programs that must be installed in a PC before use.
Using Thinkfree Online (web office), you can enjoy the office program through a web browser without installing a separate office program in your PC.
Thinkfree Mobile allows you to view and edit office documents using your smartphone.Thinkfree Server connects to your company's business system to provide a cloud environment in which you and your coworkers can work on the same document together.In short,Thinkfree Products provide a perfect 'cloud office' environment, the keyword of today's IT.

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What is Thinkfree Drive?

Thinkfree Drive can manage and view, all the different kinds of personal cloud services into one cloud services. Popular cloud services can be viewed in one screen, by login to only one account. You can connect to storage services like Google drive and Dropbox, and Social services like Facebook, Instagram, Evernote. Drive supports both mobile(Android, iOS), and PC(Mac, Windows). Also it is available for free(Except for the Premium services).

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Only one account
By login to only one account, you can view all the different kinds of contents in one screen.
Don’t worry about the space!
Connect all your main storage services, and manage in one space.
Easily manage contents
Documents, Picturesm Notes, and various kinds of files can be managed by using ‘Collection’ function.
View documents conveniently
In mobile, web, and PC, you can easily view various types of documents, by using document viewer. Also, Hanword document viewer is provided.

What is Thinkfree Mobile?

Thinkfree Mobile is an office application that enables you to freely view and edit office documents using your mobile device. In connection with Thinkfree Online, you can open, edit, share and distribute documents via your My Office storage using your cell phone, tablet PC, and more. Thinkfree Mobile provides a convenient interface, enabling you to easily edit documents from the small screen of your mobile device.

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What is Thinkfree Server?

Thinkfree Server is a web-based office solution for servers. Without installing a separate office program on your PC, you can edit your documents and even engage in document collaboration through a server. From a managerial viewpoint, all document resources of the company can be concentrated in one place to improve security and prevent data loss. Furthermore, Thinkfree Server also provides a mobile work environment optimized for the cloud environment.

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Thinkfree Server Standard
As a centrally managed web office solution, Thinkfree Server Standard features a reasonable price, high compatibility and outstanding performance. It is ideal for a cloud environment.
Thinkfree Server Enterprise
Thinkfree Server Enterprise is a total office management solution that combines cloud office and collaboration solutions where document co-authoring and management are possible.
Thinkfree Server Integrator
Thinkfree Server Integrator is a cloud office development solution with significant extensibility. The solution can be easily connected with any system requiring a cloud office.
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