Press release

No. Title Date Registered
42 Thinkfree Office Online Raises the Bar and Lowers the Cost of an Online Office Experience 01.02.2017
41 Hancom Group and ETRI (Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute) host “Malang Malang Tech... 08.30.2016
40 Hancom Group Partners with 71 Companies to Penetrate the KRW 54 Trillion Edutech Market 08.25.2016
39 Hancom Initiates its “Hancom Combined Office Viewer” Download 08.10.2016
38 Hancom's Semiannual Revenue Exceeds KRW 50 Billion for the First Time in its History 08.02.2016
37 Hancom Group, Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning to Begin Building an Educational Ec... 08.01.2016
36 Hancom Group, Beida Fangzheng, Inc., of China Sign MOU for Digital Publishing Business 07.21.2016
35 Hancom Seeks to Create a "Software Ecosystem" 07.20.2016
34 "Hancom Office NEO" Selected by Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education as their Combined Office Sof... 06.28.2016
33 Hancom Announces Q1 Business Results 04.27.2016
32 Hancom Releases "wepubl," a YouTube-type Independent E-book Publishing Platform 04.06.2016
31 Hancom, Overseas Koreans Foundation Sign MOU to Support Hangul Schools Worldwide 03.30.2016
30 Hancom to Reinforce Its Responsible Administration through Co-CEOs Sang-chul Kim and Won-pil Lee 03.25.2016
29 Hancom Participates in MWC 2016 with Group Affiliates 02.18.2016
28 Hancom Releases Hancom Office NEO 01.27.2016
27 Hancom Targets the Global Market with Two CEOs 12.28.2015
26 Hancom to Expand Software Exchange with China’s Kingsoft 12.17.2015
25 Hancom Acquires European PDF Software Company to Get Ready for Overseas Expansion 12.08.2015
24 Hancom Signs Agreement for Export to Latin American Markets 11.30.2015
23 Hancom, FireEye to Strengthen Partnership to Enhance Cyber Attack Detection 11.16.2015