Oct 15, 2007- Asianux-Intel, Collaborating for Mobile Computing
Oct 31,2007
- Asianux, To Develop ‘Midinux’, OS for MID, with Intel- Research center in Beijing, China and Support center in Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei Haansoft, Inc. (, CEO Jong-Jin Baek, hereinafter Haansoft), Korea’s representative for the ‘Asianux Consortium’ of Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam, announced that the Asianux Consortium would collaborate with Intel Mobile Group in the co-development of Asianux-based Mobile OS to be revealed at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) being held in Taiwan on the 15th. This announcement’s main purpose is to highlight Asianux’ valuable OS and Mobile Internet Device (hereinafter, MID) Intel is fostering as a next-generation business. Due to the continuous collaboration between Asianux and Intel in marketing and development, the revitalization of Linux OS in the world Mobile Computing market is expected. Asianux Mobile version, named ‘Asianux Mobile Midinux Edition (hereinafter, Midinux)’, is expected to be installed on various Mobile Internet Devices using Intel Menlow platform and distributed to the whole world as early as the first half of next year. ’Midinux’, to be programmed into the Intel-based MID, will be released in January next year and features a more effective wireless Internet connection by using the Intel Menlow platform. This will also provide an even longer battery running time of the Mobile device. Midinux-based MID terminal is expected to be the leading product for digital convergence in the form of VoIP phone function, multimedia player, navigation, etc. ‘Asianux’ developers including Haansoft have established a Midinux related R&D center in Beijing, China and a Technology Support center in Seoul, Beijing, and Tokyo to reinforce collaboration with Intel and plan to also establish a center in Taiwan. Haansoft’s CEO Jong-Jin Baek said “Midinux of Asianux that is being developed by Haansoft, will be the standard OS for Intel-based MID products in the future,” and “Collaboration with Intel will provide a breakthrough into the next-generation Mobile Computing marketplace with a focus on the Linux OS developed for the Intel-based MID.”


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