Nov 19, 2007 VinaGame Licenses ThinkFree
Dec 21,2007
ThinkFree, a leading provider of platform-independent office productivity software, today announced an agreement with VinaGame (, the largest gaming portal in Vietnam. The agreement will empower Vina''s 15 million members to create, edit, share and publish documents all within the familiar portal environment.

The new offering will provide anywhere, anytime access to documents and office tools online without having any office suite applications installed on the desktop, and offer unrivaled seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office documents. The service is an ideal solution for students, business travelers and others who use shared or multiple computers. ThinkFree''s latest agreement with VinaGame unleashes the power of sharing ideas, stories and business contents from any Internet-enabled device, at any time. Business users can say goodbye to e-mailing documents home or carrying their files and applications around with them. Consumers will have a great tool for managing wedding planning details across the miles, sharing recipes, publishing club newsletters or collaborating on projects for their church or social group.

Beginning in the first half of 2008 the online service will include a social networking site for applications such as email, blogs, and publishing service for office documents, based on ThinkFree Docs ( ). "Sharing and publishing office documents on the web" said Chairman Le Hong Minh of VinaGame, "is a great way for us to introduce the concept of collaboration to our users, and build adding value to our community. It is part of a strategy to grow our user base and provide services people need to be more productive in their daily lives. ThinkFree will give us a tremendous advantage in building thought leadership and keeping two steps ahead of the competition." Editing and creating office documents along with offline functionality will be added incrementally. The agreement provides a yearly recurring fee along with a percentage of VinaGame''s revenue from paid subscription at a later date.

"Our business model," commented ThinkFree CEO TJ Kang, "is to expand by building relationships. Working with VinaGame allows us to not only broaden our market into areas where it would be impossible for us to work without these strong partnerships, but to use the relationships we have created with companies such as Naver, Sourcenext and other major portals, to deliver superior value to end users."


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