Dec 20, 2007 Asianux Corporation Established In Wuxi
Dec 21,2007
Asianux Consortium members Red Flag Co., Ltd. (China), HAANSOFT Inc. (Korea) and Miracle Linux Corporation(Japan), formally announced that Asianux Corporation is established in Wuxi, Jiangsu .P.R. China as a joint venture company of Asianux Consortium. The establishment of Asianux Co. is based on ‘4-co’ cooperation business model concept and over 4 years close cooperation relationship and experience among 3 companies.

Asianux Corporation will conduct development, marketing, and distribution of Linux Operation System Software, which is involves in Server platform and Mobile device platform recently, and further desktop platform in Asian OSS market. Asianux Corporation integrated recourse of 3 companies in terms of technology, human resource, finance, management etc. As a result, Asianux Corporation will concentrate complementary competitive advantages from 3 companies. Therefore speed the development; guarantee Asianux could make quick decision and response; provide more efficient service to clients. In addition, as the entity of Asianux Consortium, we provide more ideal platform for Asianux Consortium to cooperate with global partners.

Wuxi is the new emerging city in IT especially Software industry. Wuxi government is regarding Software as one of the pillar industries and striving to promote it. The revenue of Software industry of 2006 is over 10 billion, and 25 times as it in 2000. With the support of positive policy from government and great development environment, more and more Chinese and International companies settle in Wuxi Software Park.

Outline of the Asianux Corporation

Company name:
Asianux Corporation
Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China
Date of establishment:
20 December 2007
Develop Linux Operating System
Provide Professional Service and Support of Linux and OSS product
Global Marketing and Sales
1.35M USD
Approx. 50 in next 6 month
Management structure:
Chairman of Board and President: Jia Dong
Vice Chairman of Board: J.J Beak
Vice Chairman of Board: Takeshi Sato
Vice President: Daniel Cho
Vice President: Takashi Kodama

About Asianux
The Asianux co-development project began in December 2003. Asianux will releases the third major version of their flagship OS, Asianux Server 3, in September 2007. Red Flag of China, Miracle Linux of Japan, Haansoft of Korea and VietSoftware of Vietnam each develop and sell an identical product with the Asianux brand in their respective home counties. Asianux is a unique software business project in Asia, which is based on the concepts of "Common", "Collaboration" and "Contribution". Asianux brings together the best development staff and know-how from leading enterprises from all over Asia to work together to establish a Linux standard for the Asian market.

About members

Red Flag Software Co., Ltd.
Since its founding on June 2000, Red Flag Software is growing rapidly and firmly to be the largest Linux company in Asia with more than 150 employees. Under headquarter located in Beijing, there are two subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and well-established sales channels and service networks are deployed nationwide. The product line includes high-end Linux server OS, cluster system, desktop OS, embedded system, technical support services and trainings. Red Flag Linux has been adopted by plenty of industries, including government, China post, education, telecommunication, finance, insurance, transport, power, logistics, media, manufacture, etc.

Miracle Linux Co.
Miracle Linux Co. is a dedicated Linux distributor for server Operating System (OS) market in Japan, and since its foundation in June 2000 it has been an integral part in promoting Linux for Japanese enterprise users. Through its product, also named as MIRACLE LINUX, it has empowered Linux not only a cost-effective OS but also as an enabler to drive business forward. Adopting “Customer First” as its slogan, Miracle Linux offers a rich variety of support and service, from system consultation to end-user support, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requirements from customers. In particular, its specialty in kernel hacking and localization is highly regarded among the industry. Also, Miracle Linux is an enthusiastic admirer of Open Source Software (OSS) and it has been actively participated in a numerous OSS projects run by Japan Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) and other OSS communities.

Recognized as a national icon in Korea, Haansoft is the leading software vendor in Korea represented by its overwhelming success in the word processor market. Since its inception in 1990, over 10 million copies of Hangul word processor has been sold. Moreover, with the development of Hancom Office in 2004, it has been nibbling at Microsoft''s dominance in the local Office Suite market.
Haansoft is the first listed company on KOSDAQ
On the Linux front, Haansoft has developed a variety of Linux solutions, such as Asianux, Office suites for Linux (Hancom office for domestic market and Thinkfree Office for world wide market), and Workdesk as a groupware. As a leading Linux company in Korea, Haansoft has 90% market share in public sector. Currently Haansoft will try to expand the business items with variety open source software.

VietSoftware, Inc. was established in March 2000 as a software company with business in international outsourcing for foreign companies and software development for Vietnam market. Since 2004, the company has been structured as a group of companies in information technology with more than 250 employees, operating in most dynamic fields of information technology, VietSoftware in software development and services, VietSoftware International in software outsourcing and BPO, Alliant in software and IT training, Viettech in CAD/CAM/CAE, CyberVietnam in Internet business and e-commerce, and MobizCom in online payment technology. The company group is recently re-structured to become a IT company group under the name of VSI Corporation. VietSoftware is the member of VSI Corporation.


[116] Sep 19, 2011 Hancom, Inc. certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
[114] Nov 19, 2007 VinaGame Licenses ThinkFree