Hancom provides ‘Thinkfree’ as the document solution for Google-Samsung ‘Galaxy Nexus’
Dec 27,2011

- Hancom provides Thinkfree Viewer for ‘Galaxy Nexus,' the first Android 4.0 phone in the world
- In cooperation with Google-Samsung, Hancom introduces a document solution optimized for the next generation Android OS

On the 27th, Hancom Inc. (, CEO: Lee, Hong-goo, hereinafter: Hancom) announced that the company's mobile office application ‘Thinkfree Mobile – Android Edition' Viewer has been provided as a standard app for the ‘Galaxy Nexus.' The Galaxy Nexus is a smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics based on the Google's Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

To make it possible that Thinkfree Mobile be provided as a standard app, Hancom has been cooperating closely with the headquarters of both Google and Samsung Electronics. Since the Galaxy Nexus is the first product running Android 4.0 to be introduced into the global market, the three companies worked together to install the best document solution for the next generation OS, optimized to both tablet PCs and smartphones. By successfully entering into a provisions contract for the Galaxy Nexus, Hancom's Thinkfree Mobile has rightly been recognized as a product optimized for the next generation's Android platform.

The Thinkfree Mobile product that will be installed on the Galaxy Nexus is Hancom's Viewer, which allows users to view MS Office documents, such as doc, xls, and ppt files, through their smartphones. The Thinkfree Mobile Viewer interacts with the functions of the Galaxy Nexus to allow users to conveniently read documents attached to emails, downloaded from the web, or saved to their smartphones.

Because many major Android mobile devices, in and out of Korea, choose Thinkfree Mobile app as their standard office app, Hancom has been recognized as an office company optimized for and standardized to Android. Hancom has been working closely with global IT leaders to quickly introduce mobile office programs tailored to recent technologies. To reinforce its leadership in the field of Android mobile office, Hancom is planning to continuously upgrade Thinkfree Mobile and infiltrate the global market.

CEO Lee, Hong-goo of Hancom commented, “Since Hancom declared 2011 the first year it will target the global market, the company has been recognized by many global enterprises, and succeeded in providing its solutions to them. Today, the market for mobile/cloud office solutions is growing rapidly. Hancom will continue to do its best to become the leader in the next generation office market with excellent technologies.” (End) 





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