Hancom speeds up its project for digital textbooks to satisfy demand for ‘smart education’
Jan 05,2012
- Hancom receives orders to modify & develop content as well as manage the KERIS Digital Textbook service
- Hancom reveals its business plans for digital textbooks, includes launch of exclusive viewer for digital textbooks, authoring tools, etc

On the 5th, Hancom Inc. (, CEO: Lee, Hong-goo, hereinafter: Hancom) announced that the company received orders to modify and develop ‘digital textbook' content for the Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS), as well as manage the service. Hancom also revealed its strategy to promote the ‘digital textbook project,' aimed to prepare for the era of smart education.

Upon receiving orders from KERIS, Hancom is planning to convert the content of digital textbooks into standardized web format, so that the content will be available across various devices. The company is expecting this conversion project to be completed by February 2012.

As a part of its strategy to promote smart education, Hancom accepted KERIS orders regarding the modification and development of digital math textbooks for 5th and 6th graders during the second half of 2011. It also accepted responsibility for management of the digital textbook research academy service and technical support service. By doing so, Hancom will simultaneously be working on the two core fields involved in digital textbook services: content development and service (platform) operation.

Corresponding to the promotion of ‘smart education' announced by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Hancom also declared its strategy to promote the ‘digital textbook' project full scale. As a first step, Hancom is planning to introduce a content viewer and standard authoring tool during the first half of this year. These two applications are considered the essence of any digital textbook service. In addition, the company is planning to combine its major technologies, such as Thinkfree, eBook, and cloud computing, with the digital textbook service to find new business models. These new business models will also be introduced during the first half of this year.

CEO Lee, Hong-goo of Hancom commented, “Hancom has solutions and technological capacities that can meet the needs of the entire field of digital textbook service, from the development and enhancement of an exclusive OS, to development of digital textbook content and operations of the service. With today's full-scale introduction of smart education, Hancom will strategically advance into the market of digital textbooks and create a successful business case, similar to the company's success in the fields of eBooks and cloud offices.” (End)


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