Hancom enters major contract with Pulmuone regarding company-wide adoption of software
Jan 09,2012
- Hancom provides ‘Hancom Office 2010 SE' to Pulmuone and its affiliates
- Hancom recognized as a company providing optimized & customized office solutions by providing technological services that reflect the business characteristics of its customers

On the 9th, Hancom Inc. (, CEO: Lee, Hong-goo, hereinafter: Hancom) announced that the company entered into a contract with Pulmuone Holdings Co Ltd (, CEO: Nam, Seung-woo, hereinafter: Pulmuone) regarding the provision of ‘Hancom Office 2010 SE.'

The contract to provide ‘Hancom Office 2010 SE' to Pulmuone was arranged as Pulmuone decided to choose a document standard for the company and recognized the competiveness of Hancom Office after generally reviewing the convenience and productivity of the software. Similar with the provision of Hancom Office to the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation last October, this major provisions contract will allow Hancom to provide its software to the entire Pulmuone network and its affiliates, contributing greatly to Hancom's increase in sales and expansion of its share of the enterprise market.

By the first quarter of 2012, Hancom will have interlinked Hancom Office to Pulmuone's Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) system, and it will be providing stable and customized office software that fits the work environments of Pulmuone and its affiliates. Hancom will also be providing various benefits such as △ consultation and systematic management service by an exclusive manager, △ free education service for the employees of Pulmuone, △ swift technical support through a hotline, △ support on developing a work environment to maximize the effect of using Hancom Office, △ automatic patching and real-time update services reflecting the nature of Pulmuone's work, among other benefits. Importantly, Hancom will provide an ‘on-site education program for Hancom Office,' where certified teachers personally visit Pulmuone to provide systematic field education and support works in progress.

Hancom will continuously strive to expand the adoption of Korean-made office software. The company will focus on the merits of its product, in particular, reinforced compatibility and technological capacity. It will also work to develop office technologies optimized to the customer's work environment and expand service benefits.

CEO Lee, Hong-goo of Hancom commented, “This contract has once again proved Hancom's technological capacity for developing standard office software for enterprise. By providing reasonable office software to enterprises, Hancom will actively support our partners in increasing their work efficiency.” (End)


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