Hancom enters an MOU with Red Flag Software
Jan 18,2012
- Hancom works together with Red Flag Software, largest Chinese Linux expert, to launch ‘Thinkfree' in China
- Hancom accelerates its infiltration into overseas markets for mobile/cloud office

On the 18th, Hancom Inc. (, CEO: Lee, Hong-goo, hereinafter: Hancom) announced that the company entered into an MOU with Red Flag Software Co, Ltd (hereinafter: Red Flag Software), the largest Chinese Linux expert, to launch ‘Thinkfree' in China.

Upon entering the MOU, both companies will provide ‘Thinkfree Mobile' and ‘Thinkfree Server,' the leading products in mobile/cloud office computing, to the Chinese market. By building a partnership with an enterprise influential in the high-potential Chinese market, Hancom is expecting to vigorously advance into the mobile/cloud office market there.

Red Flag Software's major shareholder is the Chinese Academy of Science, which is a Chinese government agency. Naturally, the company has been working for the Chinese government to study, develop, and propagate Linux. Today, Red Flag Software is known as the largest open-source software company in China. As Red Flag Software is currently providing various Chinese solutions in the field of servers and PCs, Hancom together with Red Flag Software will be able to find multilateral business models fitting the target market for Thinkfree.

CEO Lee, Hong-goo of Hancom commented, “By building a partnership with Red Flag Software, Hancom's Thinkfree will be able to infiltrate the Chinese market full scale. As the market of mobile and cloud office is growing quickly throughout the world, Hancom will do its best to vigorously advance into the global market so that the company will occupy a leading position in the next generation office software field.” (End)


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