Hancom announces its future strategy and discloses its new ‘Thinkfree’ mobile office product
Mar 05,2012
- Hancom announces its future business model strategies with keywords such as mobile/cloud office solutions and eBooks
- Hancom discloses its performance goals for 2012, as well as its mobile office solution ‘Thinkfree Mobile Pro'

On the 5th, Hancom Inc. (, CEO: Lee, Hong-goo, hereinafter: Hancom) announced the company's performance goals for 2012 and future strategies. The company also revealed its new ‘Thinkfree Mobile' product, a major upgrade that will actively infiltrate the global mobile office market.

In 2011, Hancom reached 57.3 billion KRW in sales and 21.4 billion KRW in business profits, both record-breaking performances for the company. Continuing such a trend of rapid growth, Hancom is aiming to reach 64.3 billion KRW in sales and 23 billion KRW in business profits in 2012. It will do this by focusing on its major business products such as Hancom Office and increasing sales in the mobile/cloud office market.

Hancom announced the following as the company's key strategies to grow into a global software company in the future.

▷ Targeting the global market by product diversification
Hancom is planning to use every possible means to develop an office product that can be used anytime, anywhere, not limited to OS or device. Once such an office product is developed, Hancom will use it to actively infiltrate the global market. By expanding the company's core office products such as Hancom Office and Thinkfree into the mobile/cloud environment, Hancom is planning to provide a total office solution using the concept ‘Meta-OS.' This total office solution will be independent of OS and device type, allowing users to enjoy the solution anytime, anywhere. In addition, Hancom is planning to increase the export of its products, expanding the portion of overseas export to 16% (roughly, 10 billion KRW) of the company's total sales. To fulfill such a goal, the company is planning to launch ‘Hancom Office 2010 SE English Edition' in the English-speaking market and expand strategic cooperation with major partners around the world.

▷ Reinforcing mobile/cloud office
On the 5th, Hancom revealed ‘Thinkfree Mobile Pro,' the company's core product targeting the next generation mobile environment. ‘Thinkfree Mobile Pro' is a mobile solution optimized for Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the most recent mobile OS from Google. With ‘Thinkfree Mobile Pro,' Hancom is planning to increase the number of contracts regarding the provision of the solutions specializing in the improvement of productivity over multiple mobile device environments. In addition, to increase the sales of its cloud office solutions this year, Hancom will expand its customers to include global resellers, enterprises, governments, and private users. The company will also launch new versions of ‘Thinkfree' solution every quarter, reinforcing its cloud office utility, to become the leader of the cloud office field.

▷ Full-scale infiltration into the eBook market

Hancom also announced that the company will infiltrate the ‘eBook' market in full force. The company has been preparing for the eBook as a strategic business for the next generation. In terms of ‘App-Books', or eBooks in the format of mobile application, Hancom has entered contracts to adapt the content of 131 offerings, including ‘Pororo the Little Penguin,' ‘Little Bus Tayo,' and ‘Leafie, A Hen into the Wild,' and since the first quarter of this year, began introducing them one after another using enhanced technologies. The company already has all the essential elements for the eBook business, including an ePub viewer, authoring tools, and DRM. Starting this year, Hancom will actively promote the ‘establishment of an ecosystem for ePub solution,' and provide a clear and effective eBook distribution platform to boost the eBook market. The company will also expand its participation in the digital textbook project, a strategic business for the future.

CEO Lee, Hong-goo of Hancom commented, “During the past year, Hancom achieved a significant increase in sales, estimated at over 21%. Such an accomplishment was made possible by the company's stable and transparent management, which in turn led to its rapid growth in the mobile office field and steady growth in the office market. Now, it's time for Hancom to focus on the ‘future,' and prepare various strategies that will lead the IT trends. To become the first Korean software company to enjoy success in the global market, Hancom will continue to do whatever it can. I ask for your interest in and dedication to our company.' (End)


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