Press release

No. Title Date Registered
61 Hancom Office Mobile, powered by Thinkfree, for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ delivers both smartphone and ... 05.23.2017
60 ‘Sharing Love with 2,000 Cabbages’ | Hancom Group's volunteering activity, Winter Kimchi of Love 05.12.2017
59 Hancom announces 1Q earnings ― revenues up by 6% and operating profits by 23% year-over-year 05.10.2017
58 Hancom provides 'Hancom Office' to ‘Galaxy S8’ ‘Galaxy S8+’ 04.10.2017
57 Hancom launches private messenger, 'MalangMalang Talkafe' 04.05.2017
56 Hancom Group and BUNGDANG CHA MEDICAL CENTER cooperate to develop a treatment program utilizing arti... 04.04.2017
55 Audrey Tang, a free software programmer and the youngest-ever minister in the Taiwanese cabinet, vis... 03.30.2017
54 Hancom Group and EBS collaborate to venture into the EduTech market for public education 03.27.2017
53 Hancom unveils touch-free wearable interpreter at MWC 2017 for the first time 02.28.2017
52 'CODEGATE 2017,' with nearly 7,000 hacker participants from around the world, confirms the qualifyin... 02.27.2017
51 Application of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to 'Hancom MalangMalang GenieTalk' AI-based translat... 02.15.2017
50 The most promising jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Meet the world of security experts at 'C... 02.14.2017
49 Hancom Group & Future Robot sign an MOU for artificial intelligence robot development 02.07.2017
48 Hancom launches 'Thinkfree Office NEO' in Japan 02.07.2017
47 Hancom Group's annual sales cross the 100-billion won mark 02.06.2017
46 Hancom Group and KAIST team up for the Smart Healthcare Business 01.25.2017
45 Hancom Group to start smart healthcare business 01.24.2017
44 Hancom Group signs business agreement to promote the education and content industries with Dong-Ah I... 01.18.2017
43 'CODEGATE 2017,' the Olympics for hackers around the world, is celebrating its 10th anniversary: App... 01.19.2017
42 Thinkfree Office Online Raises the Bar and Lowers the Cost of an Online Office Experience 01.02.2017