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About Affiliates The Hancom Group is a comprehensive IT service group offering you optimal solutions.

  • Software
  • Hardware
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Software is the Hancom Group's starting point.

We provide converged solutions that enhance productivity through our documentation, embedded, security, and mobile forensic software.

  • Hancom

    Hancom Inc.Korea's Leading Software Provider
    As Korea's leading software company, Hancom is now also an integrated global software leader
    for productivity software optimized to diverse IT environments including mobile and the cloud.
  • Hancom MDS

    Hancom MDSKorea's No. 1 Professional IT Solutions Go to Site
    Hancom MDS is Korea's leading one-stop IT solution professional for total solutions designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in every industry, including automobiles, digital and home appliances, industrial devices, national defense, aviation, and energy.
  • Hancom Secure

    Hancom Secure Professional Security SolutionsGo to Site
    Hancom Secure is committed to an Internet environment secure from ever-evolving security threats. Hancom Secure's security solutions completely block the threat of unwanted disclosures of information, whether yours or your customers’.
  • Hancom GMD

    Hancom GMD Professional Mobile Forensic SolutionsGo to Site
    Hancom GMD offers professional mobile forensic solutions for extraction and analysis of digital data on mobile devices. The company provides optimized mobile forensic solutions for digital scientific investigations, and is recognized for its excellence by both domestic and overseas investigation authorities and corporations.
  • Hancom Interfree

    Hancom Interfree Professional Automated Interpretation & Translation Go to Site
    Hancom Interfree is a professional automated interpretation and translation service providing world-class voice recognition, automated interpretation, and multi-lingual translation technologies. Hancom Interfree is building a digital Silk Road and eliminating language barriers worldwide.
  • iText

    iTextProfessional PDF solutions Go to Site
    iText is a world-leading specialist in programmable PDF software libraries. Its solutions are used in sales and marketing, legal and governance, finance, IT, operations and HR by a diverse customer base that includes medical institutions, banks, governments and technology companies.
  • iText

    Hancom TalkafeMobile Messenger Service Go to Site
    Hancom Talkafe is a developer of messenger service for unlimited communication with people and services. Our new messenger service features an innovative real-time translation-based chat. It also provides message timer, message cancelation and whispering functions to protect your privacy.
  • Hancom Flexcil

    Hancom FlexcilDigital Note-taking Service Development Startup
    Hancom Flexcil is a unique start-up digital note-taking service developer; it was born out of the winning team from "Ideacraft," the Hancom Group's in-house venture competition. The company provides a valuable digital learning environment to users of all levels with creative ideas, simple processes, core technologies, and intuitive UX.

It uses its synergy with software to produce new value.

Its manufacturing technologies are applicable to a variety of industries including national defense, aviation, LCD, semiconductors, and energy.

  • Hancom Unimax

    Hancom Unimax Professional Computer Engineering & Manufacturing Technology Go to Site
    Hancom Unimax computer engineering and manufacturing technologies are used in fields such as guided weapons, flight control, strategic communication networks, and power plants. The company leads Korean national defense and aviation technologies with its unmanned craft and TICN-related control technologies.
  • SanCheong

    SanCheongKorea's representative personal safety equipment company
    Since its foundation in 1971, SanCheong has led the firefighting equipment market. SanCheong is specialized in manufacture of personal protective equipment such as SCBA, firefighting suit, military & law enforcement gas mask and etc. Our technical development and management innovation have proceeded steadily since its establishment.

The company provides valuable solutions to customers through its financial services.

Based on principled operation, the company provides customized finance, investment and FinTech (financial technology) services.

  • Hancom FinTech

    Hancom FinTechCrowd Funding Service, DREAMSEAD
    With "Valuable production - Meaningful consumption" as its motto, Hancom FinTech works to discover startups in Korea, China, and Japan (support) and provides community-based crowd funding, supporting online investment mediation and global marketing with its crowd funding service “DREAMSEAD”.
  • Hancom Investment

    Hancom InvestmentStartup investment company
    Hancom Investment specializes in investment and supports successful growth by discovering and investing promising startup companies in the 4th Industrial Revolution and sharing management know-how and human network.