Hancom OfficeAndroid


On Android mobile devices,
you can create documents as doneon a PC and choose the presentation tool from this application that’s perfect for you.

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An Office Program in Your Hands

Hancom Office for Android

The hotkeys used on a PC can be used on a tablet because this program supports keyboard and mouse. Create accurate documents on a tablet, fast.
Free-hand Drawing & Shape Recognition
Use your fingers and the stylus pen to draw shapes and have them
recognized and corrected for accuracy.
Presentation Tools
Presentation tools that are useful for your presentations.
Connect your tablet to a large screen and move the notes and pointers on the screen to create professional presentations.
Task Pane
Frequently used menus can be found in the Task Pane.
Editing is quicker with pathways minimized.

Supports a Variety of Formats

Information on Formats
App Description File Format Extension Open (import) Save (export)
Hwp All HWP Documents (All Hwp Documents) -
HWP Documents .hwp
HWP Formats .hwt
HWPML 2.x Documents .hml
Standard HWP Documents .hwpx
PDF.PDF/A Documents .pdf X
Hword All HanWord Documents (All Hanwrite Documents) -
MS Word Documents (97~2003) .doc
MS Word Documents .docx
Text Documents .txt
Rich Text Format Documents .rtf X
Word 97-2003 Format Files .dot X
Word Format Files .dotx X
Hanword Format Files .hwdt X
PDF, PDF/A Documents .pdf X
Hcell All Hancell Documents (All Hancell Documents) -
Excel Integrated Documents .xlsx
Excel Binary Integrated Documents .xlsw X
Excel 95-2003 Integrated Documents .xls
Excel Macro-enabled Integrated Documents .xlsm X
Excel Format Files .xltx X
Excel Macro-enabled Format Files .xltm X
Excel Formats (95-2003) .xlt X
Hancell Integrated Documents .cell
Hancell Format Files .hcdt X
Text (separated with spaces) .prn X
Unicode Text .txt
CSV (separated with commas) .csv
TSV (separated with tabs) .tsv X
PDF, PDF/A Documents .pdf X
Hshow All Hanshow Documents (All Hanshow Documents) -
PowerPoint Documents .pptx
PowerPoint Documents (97-2003) .ppt
PowerPoint Formats .otx
PowerPoint Office Themes .thmx
Hanshow Documents .show
Hanshow Formats .hsdt
Hancom Office Themes .htheme
PDF, PDF/A Documents .pdf X

An Office Program in Your Hands

Hancom Office for Android

Insert Tables/Shapes/Images
Use a variety of formats and styles to create and edit documents with tables, shapes and images.
Set Font/Paragraph Formats
Change font properties and use paragraph formatting and bullets
to organize your documents.
Manage Folders/Documents
Create new folders and move, copy, or delete any document.


Information on Preferences
Item Specifications
OS Android 4.4, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0
Supported Products Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3 / Galaxy S4, S5 LG Optimus G, Vu3, G Pro / G2, G Pro2 / G3, G3 Cat.6 Google Nexus 7, Nexus 7 (2nd-Generation)
Capacity for Installation 660MB

* Hancom Office for Sharing must be installed before running Hword, Hcell, and Hshow.