Flexcil for iPad

Flexcil is a digital tool for reading and taking notes in exactly
the same way as you would outside the digital environment,
providing a more convenient learning environment

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As Easy as Paper, Yet More Convenient

Digital Learning Solution Flexcil

Flexcil Content & Notes

Flexcil combines the advantages of an e-book reader and digital note-taker and a learning service based on tablet and the cloud.
You can continue the same learning process of reading an actual book, taking notes, and organizing points in a notebook,
but in an easier and simpler digital environment. In addition, the notes you take are synced with the Internet,
enabling you to view, share, and study your notes with others, regardless of the device or platform you use.

  • Gesture Pen & Custom Pen Navigation
    • The gesture pen supports underlining, circling, and parentheses etc., and disappears after a certain amount of time to prevent markings when inadvertently touching the screen.
    • The custom pen feature, which simply adds a pen of the desired setup, may prove to be the pen you need the most.
  • E-book Viewer
    • A viewer for PDF, the world's standard for electronic document preservation used most around the world.
    • Powerful content viewing features including highly compatible and fast document rendering, highlighting, handwriting and small character writing, etc.
  • Pop-up Notes
    • Pop-up notes that work independently from notes and are organically linked.
    • You can organize the main points of the content in a structured manner with drag & drop and use the highlight, handwriting, small character mode and other powerful writing features.
  • Excellent Support to Avoid Unintended Touches
    • This software now offers an inadvertent touch prevention feature that accurately detects and distinguishes between pen, fingers, and palms.
    • You no longer need to touch the device carefully or make sure your palms are not touching. Now, write as you would on paper, worry-free.
  • Organic Combination of Book & Notebook
    • The e-book reader and notebook are organically combined yet work in an independent structure.
    • This provides the experience of looking at and studying your notes and your book at the same time,
      always allowing you to import your notes when organizing points and manage the information in a structured manner.
  • Innovative Mobile UX Gestures for Use
    • Previously, the mobile operation environment had many steps, and was quite complicated. Now, it has been designed in a totally different way.
    • Use underlining and circles to highlight, or use the dictionary and the drag & drop gesture to copy and paste content.
  • Cloud Syncing & Management
    • Through an Internet connection, your notes and content are synced in real time.
    • View and study your own notes, or share with others to study together anytime you want, anywhere that’s convenient, regardless of the device or platform you use.