Personal interpreter GenieTalk aids in conversation with native speakers,
is a reliable companion when traveling abroad,
and a welcome assistant when learning another language.

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  • Voice recognition interpretation Just speak the way you normally would and let us do the interpreting for you.
  • Text input translation Simply input or paste text or SNS content, and GenieTalk will translate.
  • In-image text translation Words and phrases on any captured or imported image can be translated into other languages.

지니톡 오프라인 USBGenieTalk off-line
Provide automatic interpretation and translation service connecting your smartphone without an internet connection

Additional Features

  • Supported LanguagesKorean ↔ English / Japanese / Chinese / Spanish / French
    (The additional language pack, currently available only for Android, supports up to 29 languages.)
    ※ Additional supported languages are constantly added.
  • View all Enlarge the translated sentence to full screen.
  • Input text editing Modify and retranslate input text.
  • Similar translation results Select from similar translation results
    to find the best match for your needs.
  • Continuous conversation mode Continue conversation without touching the language button
    since GenieTalk automatically identifies the language spoken.
  • Pronunciation guide Offers guidance on pronouncing the text translated into the foreign language.
  • Email/SMS/web page translation Email Now you can translate SMS and web page content into another language.
  • Share Share the translation through other media.
  • Read Listen to the translated sentence as it is read and
    replay in male or female voices.


Information on Preferences
Item Specifications
OS Android 4.1 or higher / iOS 8.1 or higher
Capacity Android 80 MB / iOS 6.4 MB