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From real-time translation chatting to various privacy protection functions..
experience a new type of messenger that you have never seen before.

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GenieTalk Translator

Experience the world's best automatic translation
features of GenieTalk.

Don't need to search every single word or expression you can't think of.
Simply send the message automatically translated by GenieTalk.
It translates not only the messages but the posts in the community cafe.
Managing a multinational community cafe is okay with GenieTalk!


Message Timer

Send a joke or secret message
on the timer option.

Using the message timer, you send a picture
to show once only or a secret message that shouldn't be saved
and they will be deleted after the set time.

If you set the time to 10 seconds,
the message will be completely removed from the server
as well as the recipient's phone in 10 seconds.
Now, safe and confidential conversations are guaranteed


Message Scheduler

Schedule an important message for a special day or special time.
It will convey a special feeling only for that moment.

Schedule messages for friends' and family's birthdays
and anniversaries. Never miss any.

The message sent at the scheduled time will touch the recipient
appreciating your thoughtfulness.


Removing Messages

Worried about the unintended message you've just sent?
You can delete it before the recipient reads it.

Now you can remove regrettable messages or messages sent to the wrong person.
The message is removed from the recipient's phone, too.
(But, it will show the text "This message has been removed".)


Closed Community - Cafe

Talk, SNS, Talk…
Freedom of communication between messenger and SNS

Both the messenger and SNS in a single App!
Your privacy can be protected in the community cafe by the anonymous profile option.
Manage and experience community cafes of various topics and styles.


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OS Android 4.1.2 or higher / iOS 7.0 or higher
Display Android 720*1280 / iOS 640*960 (iphone 4) ~ 1080*1920 (iphone6+)