Hancom Space

Experience the Office world wherever you are with
Hancom Space, a cloud service that includes
Hancom’s latest software!

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Reasonable Pricing for Integrated Service

Hancom Space is a cloud-based Office service that offers all of Hancom’s
productivity tools for a set monthly fee.

- DocsConverter for document conversion and preview
- Cloud storage, security, cloud syncing, collaboration, etc.

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A variety of document formats supported

  • - OOXML, OWPML, ODF, and other standard document formats as well as formats like PDF and PSD, supported
  • - Supports at least 25 file formats
  • - Optimized document view of a range of files without the need to install a separate viewer
  • - Optimized editing tools for each file format

Powerful Collaboration

  • - Real-time simultaneous editing on Hancom Office / Web Office supported
  • - Track changes, manage versions, and share documents for a powerful online/offline collaborative environment
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Monthly/Yearly subscription for cost effectiveness

  • - Pay-as-you-go for efficiency
  • - Relatively lower pricing and more convenient with its single-purchase environment than packaged software

Supports integrated management for external cloud service

  • - From 2 to 10 GB of cloud storage by default depending on your chosen plan
  • - Supports external storage services like DropBox, Google Drive, MS One Drive, and others, as well as cloud service syncing including Evernote and Thinkfree