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"Watch videos on YouTube and read e-books on wepubl"

wepubl is a tool you can use to create e-books easily and build your own personal e-book store. wepubl is much more than a simple online bookstore, however.
It is also a platform for e-book distribution just as YouTube is a platform for online distribution of video. Deliver your e-books to your readers in a number of ways.

  • 1. Sign up
    • Sign up for wepubl wepubl membership is free. You can download <wepubl Author> from the wepubl website free of charge.
  • 2. Create E-books
    • You can create high-quality e-books. Use <wepubl Author> to produce high-quality e-books, from novels to multimedia magazines.
  • 3. Register Your Personal Bookstore
    • Your own bookstore. Archive and manage the e-books you create in your personal bookstore.
  • 4. Distribute in a Variety of Ways
    • 1) Upload to wepubl Bookstore Every day, e-books written by individual authors, companies, and organizations are uploaded.
    • 2) Distribute via SNS Distribute or post the URLs to download e-books.
    • 3) Distribute via QR Code Distribute your e-books with your business card as you would physical books.
    • 4) Embed in Your Site Embed your created e-books and personal libraries in your website or blog.
  • 5. Viewer
    • Read e-books on wepubl Viewer You can read e-books on wepubl Viewer wherever you are, whenever you want.

Professional E-book Production Tools for Windows for ePub3.0 E-book Production

E-book Authoring Tools

wepubl author

Main editing menu

  • Insert table
  • Insert image/gallery
  • Insert formula
  • Insert shape entity
  • Insert sound/video/YouTube
  • Write/Insert additional text
  • Insert hyperlink
  • Write/Insert pop-up
  • Insert date/time
  • Insert special characters/symbols
  • Write/Insert AutoText
  • Write/Insert objective or subjective items
  • Capture current screen
  • Preview edited screen
  • Upload completed e-book

Key Features

  • ePUB 3.0 Format Support Uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, and is compatible with the world's e-book standard format, ePUB 3.0.
  • Variable/Fixed Layout Support Text-oriented general e-books and magazine-type high-end e-books can easily be selected or produced.
  • Supports a Variety of Objects Easily add objects like tables, images, formulas, shapes, videos (including YouTube videos), hyperlinks, and other items for more effective e-books.
  • .hwp Document Import Support Import transcripts created in .hwp format to produce e-books with a minimum of editing.


Information on Preferences
Item Specifications
OS Windows XP or higher
CPU 1.5GHz Dual Core or higher
RAM 4GB or higher
Hard Disk 500MB of free space required
Display 1280 *1024 or higher

An independent library is provided for storage, management, sales, and distribution

Management of e-book publishing and distribution

wepubl cloud

Personal Library

  • This is the space for e-book publishing; each author can use multiple libraries for different fields. This feature is your personal online bookstore.
  • Library Embedding Support Use iframe to embed a library in another website or blog and operate as an independent online bookstore. It is also possible to create a dedicated URL.
  • Supports Theme Setting Change the theme image and background color as you wish to best suit your needs for the library.

Distribute Individual Books

  • You can also distribute individual books inside the library in a variety of ways.
  • Individual Book Embedding Use a frame or DIV code to embed a certain book in another website or blog.
  • URL, Unique Code, and QR Code Support Provide subscribers with the channel to access your e-book via URL, unique code, or QR code. A QR code is printed on your business card to promote your e-book.

Free E-book Viewer App

E-book Viewer

wepubl viewer

Key Features

  • Search for E-books by Filter You can find an e-book of interest using a new search method combining keywords and conditions.
  • Search/Subscribe to Library If you like certain authors and their books, you can register their libraries and receive updates on new books added to their registered libraries. This is especially useful when looking for an author that is an institution or corporation.
  • SNS Sharing Feature If you like the book you are subscribed to, you can also share it with friends via SNS like Facebook.
  • Various Convenient Features for Reading A variety of convenient features are available for reading, such as content lists, fonts and sizes, highlighters, and the option of reporting offensive publications.
  • Check My Books Preview your e-books produced in wepubl Author in the mobile environment before publishing.
  • QR Code Scan The QR code scan feature is provided so you can immediately download wepubl e-books distributed via QR code.