Hancom office NEO


Meet Hancom office NEO, which allows you to freely edit documents in a variety of standard formats from anywhere, whether at home or abroad.

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More than Word

Thinkfree Office NEO Hangul

  • Synced with local/online dictionaries

    • Real-time dictionary search to check AutoText and meanings of words
    • The meaning of an entered word is searched at the same time,
      and registered AutoText is entered in real time
  • Reduce your work time

    • Provides the user a variety of editing tools
    • Dedicated formula editor allows entry and editing of formulas, including complicated symbols
    • Features ability to print a document consisting of several pages in book form
  • Enhanced document-sharing feature

    • Permits registration of documents worked on with Hancom Office without needing to access a web blog
    • Simply register text, URL links, and images to an SNS account
  • Insert web video

    • Include video files or connect them with a link
    • Plays video files using links available on a local drive or website
  • Convert into braille

    • Converts general documents into braille even without a braille conversion program

More than data

Thinkfree Office NEO Hancell

  • Pivot table upgrade

    • Pivot table allows sorting and filtering only the needed data
      from a large volume
    • Simply add a calculation field to the pivot table being worked on
  • Powerful documentation

    • Edit vertical text input, inclination/curvature etc. freely
    • Copy and paste data to a sheet as an image entity
    • Add images to headers/footers in page setup to insert when printing out the document
  • Conditional formatting

    • Highlight the cells and cell range corresponding to certain conditions to easily identify data
    • Apply data bars and icons and use the hue feature to
      analyze data simply
  • Sparkline

    • Small chart provided displays figures in the table as simple patterns
    • Modifications to original data readily recognized on the screen
      and expressed in data

More than expression

Thinkfree Office NEO Hanshow

  • Express yourself!

    • Hancom Office NEO Hanshow's unique screen movement gives you more impressive presentations
    • Feature of changing the text direction and underlining style properties, case sensitive properties to express texts
      in various ways
  • Insert screenshots

    • Capture other working screens with Hanshow running
      and simply insert them into the document being worked on
    • Quick and efficient: capture the entire screen and select only part of it to utilize
  • Master animation

    • Reduce document working time through the application of master text and entities
    • Uses the newest animation engine to enhance speed of execution
  • Add customized shapes

    • Create needed shapes or group frequently-used shapes
      for easy management


Information on Preferences
Item Specifications Remarks
OS Windows 7 / 8 / 10 ※ About 5.5GB of storage is needed for installation.
Browser Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher recommended
CPU Pentium 4 or higher recommended
RAM 1GB or higher
Hard Disk 3.5GB or higher
Display Optimal 1280 * 1024, minimum 1024 * 768